01. With tensions mounting between the different ethnic groups, the U.N. fears the outbreak of a [civil] war.
02. In any military conflict, there are always innocent [civilians] who are killed or injured.
03. We got married in a [civil] ceremony which was held in our living room.
04. Martin Luther King, Jr. devoted his life to fighting for the [civil] rights of black Americans.
05. The American [Civil] War between the North and South cost thousands and thousands of young men their lives.
06. The mayor fears that the [civil] unrest in one part of the city may spread to other areas if it is not brought under control immediately.
07. A large part of the country's [civilian] population have become refugees, all trying to flee the fighting.
08. Joan Ganz Cooney once said that cherishing children is the mark of a [civilized] society.
09. The world's first [civilizations] appeared around 5,000 B.C. near rivers.
10. During World War Two, an average of 388,000 [civilians] were killed every month from 1939 to 1945.
11. Are laws against chemical warfare some strange attempt at making war appear [civilized]?
12. Some of the greatest [civilizations] in the history of the world developed in the area now known as Mexico.
13. In 1791, the Pope became angered by a declaration made in France stating that the clergy was to be subject to [civil] law.
14. The first known [civilization] in the Western Hemisphere developed in Mexico around 1500 B.C.
15. Iraq is home to the world's earliest known [civilization].
16. The ancient Greeks thought of themselves as the most [civilized] culture in the world.
17. The total [civilian] and military population of the Panama Canal Area is about 35,000.
18. The [civil] war in Tajikstan has claimed over 2,000 lives so far.
19. A Chinese proverb tells us that respect for one's parents is the highest duty of [civil] life.
20. In February of 1993, Kim Young-sam was sworn in as South Korea's first [civilian] President in 32 years.
21. Someone once noted that [civilized] man has marched across the face of the earth and left a desert in his footprints.

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